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14th-Sep-2020 03:45 pm(no subject)


-comment to be added-
9th-Sep-2009 09:25 am - and either way it kills$
Does it hurt you to know that we haven't spoken to each other in ages? Does it hurt you to know that we can't look at each other without looking away? Does it hurt you to know that everything we had as friends is slowly fading away? Does it hurt? Cause it is hurting me. Every single part of me.

I'm not sure which is worse; knowing that you're not affected or knowing that you're equally hurt.
9th-Jul-2009 06:04 pm(no subject)
Funny how something so small can make one forget everything for that split second. A breath of fresh air. Yes, it was indeed.

I want more. I'm going to get more. Nice.

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